Are You A Home Inspector? Why You Should Wear A Home Inspector Body Camera


If you are a home inspector, you should consider wearing a home inspector body camera when you are inspecting homes. Below is information about how these body cameras work and two reasons why you should wear one.

Home Inspection Body Cameras

Digital home inspection body cameras are used by many inspectors because these cameras can be used in a variety of ways. When it comes to the digital camera you have many options to choose from. When choosing one consider how you want your images to look.  You also may need one that shows high quality colors to make the images more detailed for you. 

Purchase a digital camera that has a zoom feature so you can zoom in on certain features of items, if needed. A zoom lens also allows you to inspect a roof without having to use a ladder, which is much safer. Consider purchasing a camera that can also take videos as this will show even more to a client. 

Purchase a camera that has night vision just in case you must inspect a home at night. This is especially beneficial if you must inspect anything outside during nighttime hours or in any low light situations. 

Reasons to Wear a Home Inspection Camera

If the homeowner finds something missing after you leave, they could blame you for the theft. If you have no proof, you may be charged and this can affect your business. With a home inspection camera, you will have proof that the item was there when you did the inspection. You could show your footage to the police if the homeowner contacted them. The homeowner may also blame you if they find any items that are damaged. 

If the homeowners want to know where you inspected their home your body camera will show them this information. This way if they say you didn't inspect a certain area this proves that you did. 

If you find that your business is growing and need to hire one or more employees, you can use your footage to help train them. This allows you to show the employees what you inspect and the types of pictures that they need to take. Even though you will likely take these employees to home inspections with you getting this training before they go can make things much easier for you and them.

Visit a store that sells home inspector body cameras, and they can tell you much more about them.   


28 October 2021

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