Tips For Working A Security Post In A Parking Garage


One of the posts that you might occasionally find yourself handling as a security guard is located in a parking garage. Many locations employ security guards in parking garages, for example, residential and office complexes, shopping centers, and even large hotels frequently have security guards in their parking garages. This position gives you a chance not only to offer an authoritative presence that will give people peace of mind as they walk to and from their cars, but you'll also be able to assist people in a variety of ways.

30 March 2021

4 Ways To Increase The Security Of Your Office Building This Year


If you run an office, you need to make sure you keep it as safe as possible. One way to keep your office safe is by increasing the security measures you have in place and adopting additional security measures. 1. Have a Visitor Policy You shouldn't just allow any visitors into your office. You will want to create your entryway so that people have to check-in if they want to access the heart of your office.

18 February 2021

Want To Make Your Business Premises Safer And More Secure? 4 Reasons To Invest In Professional Security Guard Services


Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was a security threat in your business premises, such as an armed robbery? Security breaches do happen, and when they do, you should make sure that you have all your business premises covered.  One of the best ways to ensure your workplace is secure from all internal and external threats is by hiring dedicated security guards. Here are four of the main reasons why you should hire security guard services for your workplace.

9 December 2020

3 Features To Look For When Hiring A Security Guard Company For Your Shopping Center


As a shopping center owner, you have the responsibility of keeping stores and customers safe all the time. Hiring a security guard company is a great way to enhance protection and peace of mind. Here are a few key features to look for when hiring a security company for your shopping center: Multiple Patrolling Options Depending on how your shopping center is laid out, you likely need to rely on different forms of patrolling to keep your property and shoppers safe.

4 November 2020

Working With A Medical Courier Service To Ensure Timely Deliveries Of Medical Products


Often clinics, hospitals, and doctor's offices need to send or receive medical supplies or samples to labs and other facilities. These items can be sensitive and need to be handled professionally, so working with a medical courier to move them is often the best choice. Medical Supplies There are several different kinds of medical supplies that are only available to hospitals and clinics, and moving those supplies needs to be done with care while supplying the appropriate security.

5 October 2020

Surprising Services Offered By Security Guards


If your business has decided that it needs to hire security officers, you will need to know what to expect. Many businesses have misconceptions about the services offered by security officers and the ways they can benefit your business. Hospitality The goal of a security guard is not necessarily to intimidate everyone that enters your property. Security guards can help customers by carrying their bags, directing them to where they should go, or even simply saying "

28 August 2020

How To Protect Your Gated Community


If you run a gated residential community, you may have a lot of questions about keeping the area safe. Safe residents are happy residents, and maintaining a safe community is key to ensuring that your residents want to continue living in your community. These are a few things you can do to protect your gated community today. Your residents will be happy to learn about the extra measures you are taking to protect residents and their property.

13 August 2020