4 Advantages Of Contracting A Residential Security Guard Company


Do you feel you need to improve the security arrangements in your home? You could install security equipment like CCTV, but that is only one aspect of security. While security equipment has become very good at raising alarms, it lacks the element of intelligent judgment. It is also reactive rather than proactive. You need a human security guard to complete the security arrangement. What advantages come with hiring a residential security guard company?

Faster Threat Assessment 

A human mind can still be more effective than technology. While a security camera shows there is someone at the door, it will not tell you the person's intentions. A human security guard can read other information like hostile body language to judge the threat. 

Residential security guard company services offer professionals trained in security matters, including security threat assessment. They periodically patrol your property on foot to spot early signs of impending danger. Then, they can respond suitably to the threat or call for backup from law enforcement. 

Better Protection Against Internal Risks

There are internal risks that are hard to protect against unless there is a capable person around. For example, when there is a gas leak, you need a trained person who will evacuate your family on time. If there is an elderly person in the house, and they fall down the stairs, you need a person who can administer first aid while they wait for proper medical personnel. 

A professional residential security guard company offers comprehensive training in personal and home protection. They can react quickly to secure your family members when threats like fire materialize. 

Faster Security Scalability 

Sometimes, you need more than one security professional when the threat profile is high. For example, you might need security guards at home, in the car, and at work. A security guard company offers an advantage in scalability. You can ask them to add guards when threats are high, and they will send more guards in a few minutes. 

Lower Legal Responsibility 

A security guard's job description involves using physical force to stop an ongoing threat to your family or property. But applying physical force comes with legal implications. For example, the guard might manhandle a mentally disturbed person, leading to a legal suit.

Hiring a security company removes legal responsibility. For example, if there was undue use of force, the security guard company takes responsibility. You are also relieved of the responsibility of insurance cover for your guards since they are under a company. 

Do you need to make comprehensive security arrangements for your home? Talk to a residential security guard company about your security concerns, like Superior Security & Investigations.


13 July 2021

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