Tips For Working A Security Post In A Parking Garage


One of the posts that you might occasionally find yourself handling as a security guard is located in a parking garage. Many locations employ security guards in parking garages, for example, residential and office complexes, shopping centers, and even large hotels frequently have security guards in their parking garages. This position gives you a chance not only to offer an authoritative presence that will give people peace of mind as they walk to and from their cars, but you'll also be able to assist people in a variety of ways. Here are some tips that you can use to excel at a security post in a parking garage.

Ask People If They Know Where To Go

Lots of parking garages are complicated structures with multiple levels, one-way lanes, and tight quarters that can be intimidating to first-time users. Given that you may be at a post at the entrance to the garage, it's worthwhile to ask people if they know where to go. This is especially true if you see a motorist with a confused or concerned look on their face. A friendly instruction from you on where to turn or where to park can make the experience of visiting the parking garage much more pleasant.

Use Warning Notes

If you leave your security post and regularly walk throughout the parking garage on patrol, you may wish to carry a supply of warning notes that you can place on the windshields of different vehicles. Doing so can be a subtle reminder for someone to change their behavior. For example, in a residential parking garage, you may wish to place notes on the windshields of vehicles that are sticking out too far or are slightly over the line that delineates their parking space. Doing so can encourage more attentiveness from the drivers, which can be good for everyone.

Get To Know The Regulars

If you're in a setting in which a lot of the same people use the parking garage, try to get to know as many people as you can. Being friendly as you wave them through creates a good relationship between those who use the parking garage and the security team, and this is beneficial for a number of reasons. Ideally, you'll be adept at recognizing vehicles and faces and can greet people by name when they pass by you to go park their vehicles.

For more tips, contact a company like an event security service.


30 March 2021

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