3 Features To Look For When Hiring A Security Guard Company For Your Shopping Center


As a shopping center owner, you have the responsibility of keeping stores and customers safe all the time. Hiring a security guard company is a great way to enhance protection and peace of mind. Here are a few key features to look for when hiring a security company for your shopping center:

Multiple Patrolling Options

Depending on how your shopping center is laid out, you likely need to rely on different forms of patrolling to keep your property and shoppers safe. You may want to assign some security guards to patrol the interior of your shopping center by foot and assign other guards to patrol the outdoor grounds by car, motorcycle, golf cart, or even bicycle.

No matter your patrolling needs, the security company you are working with should be able to meet them by supplying the guards and the modes of transportation necessary. You should not have to purchase your own vehicles for the guards to use or worry about things like licensing and insurance. You also should not have the responsibility of storing the vehicles when the guards are not using them.

A Real-Time Reporting System

If an incident happens at your shopping center, you should know about it immediately. This means you should be able to rely on a real-time reporting system that your security guards use to find out what happening as it happens. Therefore, your security company should give you access to an online account where you can log in and receive regular updates about incidence as they occur at your shopping center.

The reports should let you know what type of incident occurred and what action was taken so you can determine what actions, if any, you need to take. You should also be able to retrieve older reports to print out in case you need them when filing a police report.

Flexible Scheduling Possibilities

You may know how many security guards you need and at what times you need them now. But if you decide to change your shopping center hours or there becomes a need for 24/7 monitoring of the center, you may need to change your guarding schedules. You may also need to make schedule changes, at least temporarily, during holiday seasons.

Therefore, it is a good idea to look for a security company to work with that offers flexible scheduling possibilities. They may offer weekly scheduling options or even allow scheduling changes up to 24 hours in advance. Ask for the scheduling options in writing so you can compare them side-by-side.


4 November 2020

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