Working With A Medical Courier Service To Ensure Timely Deliveries Of Medical Products


Often clinics, hospitals, and doctor's offices need to send or receive medical supplies or samples to labs and other facilities. These items can be sensitive and need to be handled professionally, so working with a medical courier to move them is often the best choice.

Medical Supplies

There are several different kinds of medical supplies that are only available to hospitals and clinics, and moving those supplies needs to be done with care while supplying the appropriate security. You may need a large number of supplies moved, or there may be just a couple of items, but in both cases, using a medical courier can be the best option. 

The medical courier service understands how to handle the supplies, and they are bonded and insured for these kinds of cargo. The insurance could be important if something gets damaged along the way, but you will need to speak with the medical courier directly to make sure they can handle the items you want to be moved and what their policies and guidelines are.

Medical Samples

One of the most common things that medical courier services transport is medical samples. The courier will often pick up the samples at a doctor's office or clinic and transport them to a lab for testing. It is critical that the chain of custody is documented and that the samples are appropriately handled during transport, so working with a medical courier that specializes in this type of transport is the best way to make sure that happens.

The courier will often come to the office or clinic once a day and pick up or deliver samples. Still, if you have an emergency delivery that needs to be made right away, the courier can often send a driver to pick it up and deliver it directly to the lab for you. Make sure you ask about this kind of service when you are considering medical courier services to use, and be sure to ask if there is an additional cost for these kinds of deliveries.

Controlled Medications

If you need to have some controlled medication delivered to your office or clinic, you may need to have a medical courier pick up and deliver it for you. Medications that are on the controlled items list may require a courier with special clearance or license to transport them, but the courier company will be able to tell you if they are cleared to move those items or if you need a company that specializes in that kind of transport to deliver the drugs for you. 


5 October 2020

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