How To Protect Your Gated Community


If you run a gated residential community, you may have a lot of questions about keeping the area safe. Safe residents are happy residents, and maintaining a safe community is key to ensuring that your residents want to continue living in your community.

These are a few things you can do to protect your gated community today. Your residents will be happy to learn about the extra measures you are taking to protect residents and their property.

Install Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance equipment is important whether you hire security guards or not. Cameras provide information about events after they happen. If a resident has their car broken into, for instance, you can provide a photo or video of what happened, helping the investigation. Your residents will feel better knowing that this is available.

Secure Your Entries

Entries to your community can be secured with more than gates. They can also be managed by actual security guards who ensure that people and vehicles are not sneaking in. Many "gated" communities leave their gates open throughout the day, which can lead to security issues.

Make Security Measures Visible

One of the biggest deterrents to criminal behavior is the visibility of measures to curb and catch criminals. Video cameras and security guards are good deterrents. The presence of management is also beneficial, showing residents and others at your location that you care and are accountable for what happens on your property.

Keep Track of Visitors

Many gated communities make a point of keeping track of visitors. Visitor logs are a great tool you can use to determine who might have been on the premises after something has happened. While logs may not be the best way to track visitors for every community, they can provide some help for tight-knit properties.

Educate Residents

It is also important that you educate your residents on the safety measures you have in place. Brochures and community meetings keep residents in the loop so they understand the measures in place.

Hire Security Guards

Security guards provide a sense of safety. They are also trained and equipped to provide their observational skills, check locks, and be visible when necessary. They also know when to call for additional help if it is needed.

Call a local security guard company today to see what benefits they can offer your residential community. Security guards provide a useful service by taking action before, during, and after incidents occur.

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13 August 2020

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