Benefits of Using a Fire Suppression System in Your Building


In many buildings, the realization that there's a fire can yield one of two reactions. Some people in the building might attempt to deal with the blaze by arming themselves with fire extinguishers, while others may simply flee the space and wait for the local fire department to arrive. There's another option that you might not immediately consider, however, but it's one that offers a lot of advantages. Fire suppression systems, like those available from companies like Echo Fire Protection, know that these are systems that will detect the presence of fires and quickly put them out by using water, CO2, or other substances. Here are some benefits of having a fire suppression system in your building.

It Protects Your People

The presence of a fire suppression system in your building goes a long way toward keeping those who use the building safe. As soon as a fire begins to burn, the system will begin to quell it. Without a fire suppression system in place, the blaze could potentially jeopardize the safety of numerous people. For example, those who are in the immediate vicinity of the fire could inhale smoke and suffer from a variety of ailments. As people flee the building, they could encounter flames that block their exit — potentially with life-threatening consequences. The ability of a suppression system to make quick work of a fire is instrumental in the safety of those inside of the building.

It Prevents Unnecessary Damage

Even if a particular fire isn't a real risk to peoples' lives, it can cause a significant amount of damage. It may take the fire department several minutes to arrive on the scene and several more minutes before the firefighters can get the blaze under control. During this time, the fire and smoke can destroy virtually everything around them, from walls to flooring to furniture — all of which can be time consuming and difficult to replace. Having a fire suppression system that extinguishes fires quickly can save much of the damage that would otherwise occur.

It Provides Peace of Mind

While it's true that a small group of determined individuals armed with fire extinguishers could control a blaze, people might not be inside of your building around the clock. In the case of an industrial building, it's often empty overnight. Knowing that a fire could occur without anyone around to stop it or immediately call the fire department would be stressful. Having a suppression system in place would provide a high sense of peace of mind. You'd know that regardless of the time of day, the system could control the blaze.


9 July 2020

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