Adding Residential Security To Your HOA Offerings Is A Good Idea


As an HOA, residents look to you to not only keep the community looking its best, but to also ensure that the community maintains a high standard of living. Hiring a residential security guard service to safeguard the community can help you provide this goal to each homeowner. Learn more about why it is a good idea to include security services as part of your HOA offering. 

Better Reputation

With any new development, the goal is often to attract more buyers to the area. A great location and a partnership with a quality builder can help towards this goal. However, if the community has a reputation for being unsafe, it is highly unlikely that you will succeed in this goal.

Hiring a residential security company to patrol and safeguard your community can dramatically reduce the risk of crime in the community and give each resident a greater sense of calm and security. Not only will your residents discuss how much they enjoy the community amongst each other, but they will also spread the word about this excitement. As a result, the community will have a better reputation and make it more attractive for homebuyers, which is important.

Enhanced Community Relationship

Many homeowners do not have a problem with paying HOA fees. However, they want to feel like they are getting something in return for their investment. When you hire a residential security company to patrol the community you can offer the residents in the neighborhood more for their money. 

Security professionals do more than just stand guard. They monitor trends in the neighborhood, keep an active alert for threats, and work to make sure each homeowner knows they are there to support them. The presence of a security professional provides reassurance to each homeowner, that the HOA cares about their homes, and most importantly their safety. This act of concern can help strengthen the homeowner's opinion of the HOA and build better relationships.

Custom Service

It is important to understand that residential security guards offer a variety of custom services; there is no one size fits all approach. It does not matter if you want to set up patrol services around the clock or you want more limited security services, a security firm will be more than happy to work with your community to provide the precise services that you need. 

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11 June 2020

Improving Home Security

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