The Right Security Personnel Can Keep A Gun Show Running Safe


One event that benefits the presence of professional security personnel is a gun show. Granted, reports of violence at these events appear low. Attendees frequently follow the rules, and promoters do keep an eye out for potential troublemakers. Gun shows, however, are open to the public, and many hundreds of people may attend. No one knows who is walking through that door or what their intentions are. Hiring the services of armed security personnel capable of maintaining order becomes a must of a gun show. Ensuring all rules remain enforced could prevent an unfortunate situation from happening.

Enforcing A Common Number-One Rule

At many gun shows, depending on the state you are in, it may not be permitted to conceal or open carry a loaded firearm. Even when someone has a concealed carry permit, allowing anyone to walk around with a loaded firearm is not a good idea. Everything from robberies to hostage situations to even accidental discharges could occur. Yes, attendees purchase weapons and ammunition at the gun show, but they would not be allowed to load them on site. And they couldn't load a gun out in the open without somebody noticing. Loaded weapons, no matter who carries one, represents a potential liability risk. So, the rule must be enforced. If someone doesn't wish to comply, then security personnel should handle the situation.

Browsing After Buying

Security can also take steps to ensure purchases don't set a course for any accidents or incidents. An attendee who purchases a firearm can continue to shop and browse. Rules may be in place, however, regarding taking possession of the recently acquired gun. Maybe the rules state the gun has to remain with the vendor until the buyer chooses to leave. Anyone handling a pistol or long gun away from a dealer's table should raise red flags and become a matter for security.

Time to Go

Certainly, levelheadedness is a preferred attribute among attendees at a firearms show. Someone who appears argumentative or belligerent, regardless of the reason, probably should be escorted out. Considering the environment, ejecting someone is a job for a trained office. No one wants to see the situation spiral out of control.

Disaster Scenarios and Training

Armed security guards undergo the training necessary to deal with dangerous situations. Their presence alone can reduce the chances of an incident. If a dangerous situation does unfold, then hopefully, a competent response could bring things under control without anyone suffering harm.

To learn more about the importance of an Armed Security Officer Service, contact professionals in your area. 


11 May 2020

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