Have A Business In A Strip Mall With Burglary Problems? Get Security Guards Today


If your business office is in a strip mall and all the businesses are having problem with theft, crime, and other concerns, it may be time to make changes. One thing that you all could do is chip in on a security guard.

Having a professional that will watch the facility can be a very affordable way to get the security that you need. Here are some of the things to consider when looking into security systems, options and a live patrol guard.

Get a Guard Just for Evening Patrol

There are evening patrol options. You can have a security guard roam the property and drive in their vehicle all night when no one is at the building, or you can have a service that just drives by occasionally between other jobs. If you fear that the vandalism and problems occur after hours, this is the time to have the guards there.

Get Quotes and Split the Cost

Talk with more than one security services company to see what the cost will be to have a guard for the hours that you need. Give the other business owners and the property owner a proposal that has the breakdown for each business and a detailed explanation of the services. If you have businesses that are larger or more profitable, you may want to make their cost and percentage of the expense higher in the proposal.

Improve Camera Systems

Not only do the guards walk around the property, but many companies use a guard monitoring and surveillance system. This means they watch live on the camera from their main station to see if anyone is on the property. Talk with the property owner about the installation of this type of system, how it improves the value of the building, and how it benefits all the shop owners.

If you are renting a property in a strip mall and you are worried about vandalism, burglary or other problems, talk with the other shop owners and the property owner to see what can be done. Adding live guards on the property or watching the property from another location may be the best way to protect the businesses, and this should also help lower everyone's business insurance policies. The sooner you get started finding an option, the sooner you can feel safe and protected when you are at the office or away. Contact a company that offers security guard services to learn more.


18 February 2020

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