3 Ways Security Patrols Can Help Out a Martial Arts Tournaments


The idea that a security patrol would be necessary at a martial arts tournament may seem strange. Martial artists are known for their sportsmanship and character, and rowdiness isn't a trait of most martial arts competitors embody. Such an assessment is mostly true, but no one knows what can happen at a sporting event that involves combat. Martial artists aren't the only people to worry about at events. Spectators can present potential problems, as well. Tournament promoters might find it worthwhile to hire a professional security team to improve safety for everyone at the show.

Tempers Flare and Bad Publicity Follows

While brawls are rare, fights between coaches and players have taken place at tournaments. Arguments over disputed finishes, personal rivalries, and other issues can lead to arguments. Arguments may get out of hand and fistfights could occur. No one knows how far things will go when two trained fighters lose their control and start swinging. If professional security guards are on the job, they may be able to bring the situation back under control. Experienced security pros likely possess the training to deal with such a situation. Things may not even become physical. A trained professional could pick up on a bad situation before it gets worse. Hopefully, before any fights break out, a security guard could calm everyone down and prevent a skirmish.

Protecting Spectators from Harm

Many tournaments take place in gymnasiums. The seating in these venues isn't what you'd find at Madison Square Garden. Attendees usually sit on bleachers, and bleachers come with hazards. People have fallen from the bleachers by standing in areas that aren't well secured. Running up and down the bleachers can be a bad idea. A security patrol can step in when they see something unsafe. Caught up in the action, spectators don't always realize when they put themselves at risk. A security guard can, hopefully, catch unsafe behavior and put a quick end to it.

Keeping Contraband Out

Promoters and venues put rules in place for a reason. Safety ranks high on the reason list. If the rules state "No alcohol," that doesn't only mean alcohol isn't for sale; the rule means no bringing or sneaking alcohol inside. Security won't likely search everyone's bags, but a security guard could ask to see the inside of a backpack when someone acts suspicious. A guard could also address situations where someone appears under the influence. 

Promoters should do their best to reduce liabilities. A security team could help do so. Contact services like Golden State Security & Patrol to learn more. 


20 January 2020

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