4 Tips For Hiring A Commercial Security Guard


Having a commercial security guard around to watch over your premises can provide peace of mind, but you may wonder what you should be looking for. Most businesses will turn to commercial security guard companies for help, and this guide will examine the issue from that perspective. These four tips will help you deal with your needs more confidently.

Assess Your Needs

What is the goal of having a security guard present? It's easy for folks who've suffered repeated break-ins, for example, to become focused on providing a strong response rather than achieving security. Take a dispassionate view at the logic for placing a commercial security guard at a location.

You might identify a list of requirements, such as insurance, movement of valuable items, events, or daily foot traffic. Each of these scenarios carries with it different issues, so be prepared to consider your options.

How the Guard Presents

Especially when guards have to interact with the public, even rarely at non-public facilities, how they present themselves is important. Does the company providing the guard offer just a police-style uniform, or are there other options? Can you supply a uniform that matches with your business identity? Presenting as a quasi-cop in while guarding a warehouse or a construction site is one thing, but it might be different at a concert venue.

Security Multipliers

It's nice to have a guard, but you may also be able to multiply the value of one with technology and on-site renovations. For example, can traffic in and out of a location be funneled into a single choke point? You may be able to reduce outlays for security personnel by changing the site. Similar multipliers include alarm systems, security cameras, and fences.

At the same time, you probably don't want to lean entirely on a technological solution. Especially in situations where human interaction and decision-making matter, it's best to have a commercial security guard present to manage problems as they emerge. There are also many situations where the mere presence of a person can serve as a deterrent because people react differently to other humans versus security equipment.

Licensing and Insurance

The reality is that incidents can and do happen. If a person gets injured by security at your location, are you going to be insured for that based on your own liability policies? Will the commercial security guard company have coverage? It's also a good idea to learn what your state's professional licensing requirements are by checking on the local laws.

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15 January 2020

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